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Send Us Your Voice

Did you march or take part in an event on the 21st January 2017?

If you did we would greatly appreciate your contribution to the film.

What To Do

Please record yourself answering these three questions. You can use a phone, a camera, a tablet – any device is fine!

The questions are:
Why did you march?
Who did you march with?
What’s one issue you think is really important for women where you are?
Have you already, or are you planning any specific actions any the future to affect change?


If you’ve got any signs you carried feel free to show them or have them in a shot.

Don’t worry if you stumble or laugh, that’s fine. Please don’t edit the video, send us the entire file we can sort it out from there.

Please answer in whatever language you feel most comfortable speaking.


Send Us Your Video

If you have any questions or need help with uploading the video please don’t hesitate to contact us at: